Image of King Taksin the Great placed at his monument in Bangkok


Bangkok – The boat procession marking 250 years since the naval campaign to reclaim the Kingdom of Ayudhya by King Taksin the Great has arrived in Bangkok, with an image of the monarch being placed it at the monument to him in Wong Wian Yai.

The Royal Thai Navy organized a contingent of row boats to welcome the procession, where it completed a retracing of the naval campaign to liberate Ayudhya from Burmese occupation 250 years ago, a journey that took it past 10 provinces.

An image of King Taksin the Great was moved from the docked boat procession to the King Taksin the Great Monument at Wong Wian Yai, in a ceremony that included religious chants, traditional dancing and traditional drumming.

Merit making was held Thursday morning and citizens were invited to pay their respects to the image of King Taksin. It is the first time the image has been brought from Chantaburi province to Bangkok.

After November 10, the image will be placed in Wang Derm Palace in Thonburi in memorial of the King’s historic campaign.