ID card now required for parcel service


BANGKOK, 2 June 2015 – Thailand Post has enforced a requirement for customers using parcel service to present their identification card as a method to deter the delivery of illicit substances.

An announcement has been issued by Thailand Post, saying the company has imposed a new rule under which senders of packages must be able to show the staff their ID card, or passport if they are foreigners. If they fail to do so, the service would be denied.

The company claimed that the measure, effective from today onwards, is in line with the policy of the Prime Minister’s Office concerning the prevention and suppression of narcotic drugs. The policy categorizes package delivery businesses as establishments under strict narcotic control and obligated to record the identity of every customer.

Thailand Post reiterated that narcotic drugs are illegal and cannot be delivered by post. If detected in any package, the items may be confiscated for use as evidence in taking legal action against the sender.