Former top Thai model sentenced to 20 years jail


BANGKOK, June 12 – The Thai Criminal Court on Thursday sentenced former popular Thai model, Yu-Yee, to 20 years prison on drug possession charges.

Chatchaya Cuesta Ramos, also known as “Yu-Yee,” arrived at the Ratchadapisek Road court early today, to hear the verdict for her cocaine possession charges.

The former model was arrested on November 10, 2012, when immigration police reported that they had been tipped off that Ms Yu-Yee was carrying drugs into Thailand through Don Mueang International Airport.

The authorities intercepted her and inspected her belongings and found 251 milligrammes of cocaine in her luggage.

The suspect claimed the was given the tube of chocolate by a passenger on the plane during her flight back from Vietnam, adding that she had no idea that the tube was filled with cocaine.

The court analysed the incident and ruled it impossible for a person to receive a gift from someone they did not know.

Informing the defendant that her evidence was insufficient, the court found the suspect guilty as charged.

The former model has been sentenced to 20 years prison and a fine of Bt2 million. However, since the defendant has given full testimony about the occurrence, she is entitled to a one-quarter punishment reduction.

The former top model was sentenced to 15 years jail with a fine of Bt1.5 million.

The court added another three months prison as handed down by the Min Buri Court, to Ms Yu-Yee trafficking endangered animals into the kingdom.

Meanwhile, Ms Yu-Yee’s attorney, Prasert Boonkaew said he is preparing Bt2 million in cash for temporary bail for the former catwalker.

Ms Yu-Yee, on the other hand, said she would continue to fight the case.