HWPL Peace Messengers celebrate peace activities in Thailand


On the 19th of September, about 30 social leaders of the various fields such as religion, youth, women, media, and education from Thailand, Myanmar, and South Korea were invited to a peace webinar to encourage efforts of each sector to achieve peace in Thailand.

At a time when coalition and communication has become more important due to the coronavirus pandemic crisis, the webinar titled “Let’s be peace messengers” introduced the HWPL peace activities that have been going on since 2014.

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HWPL Thailand has held various peace campaigns for establishment of international law for peace, interfaith dialogue, and peace education in cooperation with local youth and women groups.

Recently, Thailand’s social leaders participated in urging to put to an end the cases of human rights violations and religious or social repression against those who were discriminated due to the mass infection of the coronavirus.

The participants discussed the plans for Thailand that address global problems caused by the coronavirus, including recent human rights violations and religious oppression that happened in South Korea against a minor religious organization.

Ms. Patitta Tachavorawat, President of Scout Messengers of Peace in Thailand, said, “We want to continue promoting peace in the chaos and despair that are taking place around the world. So we ask the authorities to consider it once again to ensure this good thing continues, and also to provide opportunities for the citizens of the world to promote peace.”

Husni Hamad, Head of the Thai Social Welfare Organization and Chairman of the Pan Asia International School, said, “All the organizers of such activities are volunteers dedicated to spreading peace around the world. I watched a video of the speech of HWPL’s Chairman Lee, and I was deeply impressed by his attendance at the Peace Festival in Seoul. It could inspire the spirit of hundreds of thousands of people from all faiths and countries.”

HWPL, also known as Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, is an international peace NGO in a status of the UN ECOSOC Special Consultative. It has been working on the establishment of international law for peace based on the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War and has been calling for everyone to become the messengers of peace.