Hospital sets up fireplaces to provide heat to elephants in cold weather


Lampang – The Friends of the Asian Elephant Hospital in Lampang has set up fireplaces to provide heat to elephants during the current cold weather snap.

Staff at the hospital gathered branches to fuel the makeshift fireplaces as the temperature has dropped to 13 degrees Celsius for several days.

Hospital director Kruathong Kayan said the cold weather has started to affect the elephants which show symptoms of shivering, and consuming less food and water, while the pachyderms may have problems with their digestive system due to a low-water diet in winter.  Such problems would be more severe for old elephants, he said.

Hospital staff also set up nets to prevent the wind blowing into the shelter. Mahouts have remained on site to keep eye on the elephants in case of illnesses and health symptoms from the cold.