His Majesty asks Thais to be mindful


His Majesty the King has extended his wishes for all Thais to meet happiness, progress and success in their goals.

In his New Year message released on New Year’s Eve, His Majesty said happiness and misery as well as fulfillment and disappointments were normal happenings nobody could avoid. He, therefore, urged all Thais to prepare their mind and body for such an event by not living in complacency.

In the royal message, His Majesty urged that in the new year Thais enhance their physical health and keep their mind awakened in order to be able to go through undesirable situations and achieve the goals of happiness, prosperity and success.

His Majesty the King also designed a New Year greetings card for his subjects.

The royal greetings card depicts His Majesty wearing a white lightly-patterned Hawaiian shirt under a white light-jacket which has an embroidered Khun Thongdaeng royal pet logo on the left breast.

Under HM the King’s photo are a few lines of blessing in Thai, read as “May all have strong physical health, stable spirit and mind and always be mindful to keep abreast of situations”.

Above the picture says “Happy New Year B.E. 2559”, and on each corner lie the Great Crown of Victory and the golden urn. Under HM the King’s picture to the right is a cartoon of blue monkey representing the Year of the Monkey. To the left reads “May you have happiness and prosperity”.

The greetings card is framed with double rows of tiny smiley faces, numbering 396 altogether. The bottom of the card features a blue strip on which a message says the card was designed on 31 December B.E. 2558.