Help is under way for Thai woman detained in Oman since October


Officials of the social development and human security in Phitsanuloke are now coordinating with doctors at the Budda Chinnarat hospital to try to secure the release of a Thai woman held in custody in Oman since October 23 for possessing prohibited medicine.


Mrs Sunthree Niamklang, a native of Chart Trakan district of Phitsanuloke, sought help from the provincial office of social development and human security for her daughter who was arrested in Oman for possessing prohibited medicine.

The officials said they had sought a doctor’s certificate for the use of the medicine in question which was banned in Oman in order to be sent to the Thai embassy in Oman to be used in securing the woman’s release.

Mr Somchai Prommanee, a health official in Phitsanuloke said that the medicine used by the arrested woman was a prescription drug. He added that he was worried that the woman might suffer if she was denied the drug for two months.