Heavy traffic in Bang Saen necessitates one-way roads be mandated


CHONBURI – Throngs of Songkran revelers have necessitated adjustments to traffic management in Chonburi province’s Bang Saen district. 

Large crowds taking part in water play for Songkran along Bang Saen beach in Chonburi province have resulted in heavy traffic along the district’s Sukhumvit Road. Authorities have decided to make the stretch a one-way street to alleviate the congestion. They have also asked that revelers using pickup trucks to splash from divert to Khao Lham road instead.

Municipal officials have asked that all travelers to the popular destination engage in Songkran activities in a polite and appropriate manner, that they not consume alcohol and avoid conflict with other revelers. Police have affirmed that any celebrators found in possession of weapons or other contraband will be apprehended and punished to the extent of the law.