Heavy rains trigger flooding in north Thailand


PHETCHABUN, Sept 6 – Heavy rain in Thailand’s northern provinces caused localised flooding in this province, affecting about 1,000 homes, and flooding is likely to be reported from wider areas.

In Phetchabun, a flash flood hit about 1,000 houses in three communities. About 1,200 acres of farmland have been inundated. Some schools were forced to close.

However, the water level in the Pasak River is stable and the situation is expected to return to normal within two days if there is no more rain and northern run-off.

Flash flood flowed into Wangdaeng canal, flooding a community in Thapklor municipality in Phichit. Local residents moved their belongings to higher ground.

About 100 homes have been flooded and some roads cannot be used, so local residents are travelling by boat and continue watching flood water levels closely.

In Chaiyaphum, the water level in the Lamprataw Dam on Phulanka Mountain has risen, posing flood threat to low-lying areas on the mountain side. As rainwater flows down the mountainsides, some muddy torrents have formed.