More heavy to heaviest rains forecast for Bangkok, Central Plain until mid this month


The Meteorological Department today forecast heavy to heaviest rainfalls in most parts of the country until mid this month as flood situation remains critical in several provinces.


Director-general of the department Wanchai Sakudomchai said that almost every regions of the country, except the Northeast, would face heavy to heaviest downpour until the middle of October.

For Bangkok, he said during the 2-3 days ahead, there would be rain between afternoon and evening for 60-70 millimetres.

Therefore, he said, there was a high chance of flood in certain areas in Bangkok where floods haven’t receded yet.

Meanwhile in Nakhon Sawan, heavy rain caused several rivers to burst banks.

The water from the upper north provinces has add the volume of water in Nan river, causing the water to overflow the bank to flood the paddy fields in four sub-districts of Chumsaeng district, damaging more than 10,000 rai.

In Nakhon Ratchasima, there was flood at Khok Sung sub district in the provincial seat after the water from Lam Chiang Krai river has overflowed to flood some 200 homes and inundate more than 3,000 rai of paddy fields. The water cut the route between villages of Chan-ad sub-district in Non Sung district.

In Sisaket, flood has inundated the Sisaket-Ubon Ratchathai road at Nikorn Motor intersection of about 30-40 centimetres, causing inconvenience traffic.