Phuket holds travel festival targeting domestic travelers

Phuket now plans to hold travel festival targeting domestic travelers, with several activities towards the year’s end.

Businesses in Phuket that used to rely on foreign tourists are now trying to attract domestic tourists for their survival due to the COVID-19 implications affecting international travel. Local agencies, such as Karon sub-district, have launched stimulation campaigns to help local economies and attract more domestic tourists to the area.

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The Mayor of Karon Subdistrict Municipality, Mr Tawee Thongcham, said that the COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted tourism businesses in the area, depriving them of income and forcing many hotels and related businesses to close, resulting in the loss of jobs among tens of thousands employees.

With the government’s introduction of the Travel Together tourism subsidy campaign encouraging Thai people to make domestic trips, Phuket now plans to hold a travel festival targeting domestic travelers, with several activities held at different times.

Among these activities is the Kata Karon Beach food festival taking place Monday at Khlong Bangla Park, featuring traditional local dishes, seafood dishes, and other items, along with recommendations of tourism attractions along Kata Karon Beach and across Karon sub-district.

The organizer expects this event will help boost tourism activities and local economies to a welcome extent. (NNT)