Health inspection on Thais returning from Japan


BANGKOK, 17 March 2011 (NNT) – Suvarnabhumi Airport is coordinating with the Ministry of Public Health on checking for traces of radiation on passengers coming from Japan while also advising those who are leaving for the quake-hit nation to mind their health.

Following the explosion of nuclear reactors in Japan, the Ministry of Public Health’s international communicable disease control checkpoint at the airport is advising out-bound passengers who are going near nuclear power plants in Japan on how to protect themselves from radiation risks. They will be given potassium iodide pills on the check-in floor near gate No.6.

As for inbound passengers, a medical team will be asking them over their health. Their risks will be assessed after they fill out a health form. Passengers returning from Japanese cities which have high concentration of radiation will be urged to visit Nopparatrajathanee Hospital or Rajavithi Hospital for comprehensive checks and treatment. They will be asked to observe their health developments and follow medical advice.

As for Japanese food imports sent through Suvarnabhumi Airport, their samples will be sent to the Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) for inspection to make sure they are safe for domestic consumption.


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