Harbor Department launches measures to ensure safety during Loy Kratong Festival


CHONBURI – Chonburi Regional Harbor Office director Pisut Amornyuth said a large number of people will ride on sailboats on Loy Kratong’s day while many tourists will attend the festival.

The Harbor Department has launched security measures during Loy Kratong Festival to prevent and reduce accidents in the waters by calling on boat operators and pontoon owners to repair any damaged signs. The signs should clearly state the maximum number and weight of people which the pontoons can accommodate at a time. Every pontoon must be equipped with life jackets. Boat owners are suggested to inspect the conditions of their boats to ensure safety.

The maximum number of passengers should be stated on a label attached to the boat’s side while the life-saving equipment must be in good condition. Passengers should be careful in boarding and getting out of a boat. Once on board, all passengers should wear life jackets.

People who may notice water accidents can notify the Chonburi Regional Harbor Office by calling 038-278346 any day or hotline 1199 available around the clock.