Door-to-door campaign launched in Bangkok to tackle dengue fever outbreak


BANGKOK – The Department of Disease Control has launched a door-to-door campaign to curb the dengue fever outbreak in Bangkok.

Department Director-General Amnuay Gajeena, along with Kannayao District Director Udomporn Pattanakowit and several Thai celebrities have visited homes on Ramintra 69 to raise awareness regarding disease prevention. 

Kannayao district reportedly has the lowest dengue fever infection rate in Bangkok. It was reported that for every 100,000 people in the capital city, 130 people have the disease. However, only 22 people in Kannayao have been infected in the past four months.

Dr. Amnuay has advised people to destroy mosquito breeding grounds around their house. All containers must be sealed off to prevent the insects from laying eggs, which prefer standing water.

Individuals that are exhibiting dengue symptoms, such as high fever, muscle pain and loss of appetite, should be taken to the hospital immediately. People can also contact the Department of Disease Control for advice on the disease.