Guns used to settle dispute


Police attended a shooting scene at SK Pattaya Inkjet signboard designing production house in Soi Siam Country Club on July the 31st.

They interrogated 10 teenagers and photographed the broken front window and metal door that had sustained a bullet hole

Police examine the scene and take statements from the witnesses.

The young men said they were drinking at a table in front of the shop, when 6 or 7 teenage rivals parked their motorbikes and started shooting at them. The young men defended themselves by throwing their whiskey and soda bottles at them then ran into the shop for cover.

One of the gang fired a bullet at the window and then they all fled towards Sukhumvit Highway

Police surmised that the incident is probably related to a personal dispute between the men and as they have no description of the gun man an arrest is unlikely.

Guns used to settle dispute