City hall employee claims mental problems made him steal


At 3pm on July 30th Banglamung police detained 44 year old Pornsak Piyakamol, a civil engineer at Pattaya city hall at his house.

The house resembled a Aladdin’s cave and police were stunned to find numerous stolen items such as water heaters, emergency lights, lamps, water taps, CD players, cloth stand, ash trays, carpets, blankets, pillows, and bed sheets.

Just a few of the items Piyakamol stole from local hotels

The items were all labeled and had been stolen for 3 different premises:Baan Kaew Resort, Love 24, and Sabai Inn

Police also found marijuana and Ice taking paraphernalia, an ammo magazine along with bullets for an M16 rifle, a bullet proof vest, office chairs, and other electronic devices

Pornsak admitted that he had been sneaking into short-time hotels where he would steal anything that he could.

He said he didn’t want them for money but did it just to satisfy himself claiming that he had a mental problem

Police said that the hotel owners had taken a note of Pornsak number plate and this information along with a description of Pornsak  had led them to the arrest.

Civil engineer department head, Virat Jirasri-paitoon said Pornsak was a hard working man, but lately had been disappearing from the office.

He said he suspected that Pornsak had some personal issues and became depressed after he couldn’t work with his colleagues in the same department. Police said they also believe that Pornsak was distributing drugs in the area however they did not have enough evidence to charge him with it. .

City hall employee claims mental problems made him steal