Gun Gang on Pattaya Highway


Gun crimes seem to be on the rise and with very little police presence on the streets it seems that there is little regard for the law.

At midnight on May the 30th Banglamung police attended the scene of another shooting this time on Sukhumvit highway near Baan Sukawadee.

Sawang Boriboon foundation personnel and paramedics gave preliminary treatment to the 32 year old car driver who had been shot in the head.

The injured man’s girlfriend stated that they were on their way back to their home when a group of 6 teenagers on 3 motorbikes approached their car and looked at her boyfriend then one of them pulled out a gun and let off two bullets which fortunately didn’t hit anybody.

They tried to get away from the gang but had to slow down for a bend that’s when another bullet was shot this time it hit her boyfriend in the head.

Their car veered off the road and hit the central reservation as the teenagers fled the scene.

The girlfriend stated that she didn’t know why the attack had happened however police believe her boyfriend is an illegal money lender and that the shooting may have stemmed from dodgy dealings.

Hopefully the man will recover soon and be able to give a  statement to the police in the meantime perhaps it is advisable to avoid going out late at night as with bag snatchers and shooters on the streets, Pattaya is no longer a safe place to live.


Gun Gang on Pattaya Highway