Democrat Party outlines making Pattaya vital shipping port in the East


CHON BURI, May 29 — Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, also leader of Democrat Party, said today that if his party is elected to run Thailand for another four years he would transform Pattaya, known throughout the world for its beautiful beach, into an important shipping port in the East.

Accompanied by leading members of the party, Mr Abhisit told the crowd attending his campaign for the general election to be held in the country on July 3 that Pattaya is the perfect place for both tourism and agricultural activities.

The Democrat Party announced it has a clear policy on both economic and tourism and is prepared to further develop its infrastructure so that Pattaya could become an ideal port in the eastern region, he said. Major refurbishments will be undertaken and this will involve improvement of transportation, tourism spots and ways to treat polluted water so that development can be on a sustainable basis.

Mr Abhisit said his outgoing government had earlier allocated budget towards development.

If the Democrat Party is elected and allowed to work for another four years, these policies could be implemented immediately, he added.

On Saturday, the Pheu Thai Party, the major rival of the Democrat Party in the election, held its first campaign rally in Bangkok at Lumpini Park.

Yingluck Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party candidate for prime minister, told people attending the rally that her party’s policy is to help solve problems of cost of living, skytrain and subway, and to rid narcotics from Bangkokians.

In particular, poor people would have an opportunity to own houses for the first time and her party would also accelerate reconciliation among all people in the country, Miss Yingluck said. (MCOT online news)