Grab Bike and Uber MOTO motorcycle taxi services ordered to stop operations


Grab Bike and Uber MOTO motorcycle taxi service providers have been told to stop their operations otherwise they will face legal actions.

Representatives of the two companies were invited to the Land Transport Department today (Tuesday) for a meeting with Mr Nanthapong Cherdcho, deputy director-general of the department and representatives from the first army division, Metropolitan Police Bureau and Pathumwan municipal police to be informed of the regulations governing motorcycle taxi services.

Mr Nanthapong said that the two companies were warned before to stop their operations but it was discovered that the warning was ignored and the illegal services continue unabated with the two companies announcing openings for new motorbike riders and publicizing their services in the social media.

He said Grab Bike and Uber MOTO services are unfair to the traditional motorcycle taxi services which are governed by rules laid down by the National Council for Peace and Order. The two providers may be considered as criminal influential figures for illegally operating public transport services, he added.

He explained that motorcycle taxi drivers must have a special license, a vest, an ID card and their vehicles must be registered for use in public transport services.

He disclosed that a crackdown would be launched against the illegal motorcycle taxi drivers who, when caught, will be fined 2,000 baht for illegall providing services to others, 1,000 baht for not dressing properly and another 1,000 baht for not having a special license.

Mr Nanthapong then urged members of the public not to use the services of the illegal motorcycle taxi drivers.