Govt confirms commitment to peaceful solutions in restive south


Bangkok – The government-appointed negotiation team has asserted its commitment to finding peaceful solutions to violence in the southern border provinces.

General Aksara Kerdphol, Thailand’s lead negotiator in peace talks with southern rebel groups, has expressed his concerns about a recent news report that officials in the violence-torn south are backing the rebel groups and that security agencies have never changed their approach to ending the conflict. General Aksara said the published report failed to present or reflect the reality of the situation.

He also implored members of the press and responsible agencies to educate the public about the situation in the southernmost provinces, using facts and reliable information while asking the public to have confidence in the government’s procedures to bring peace back to the South of Thailand.

General Aksara stated that the government’s vision for the restoration of peace is clear and its stance is to end violence through peaceful means.

Giving the latest development in peace negotiations, General Aksara said the government and the rebel groups are coming to a conclusion on establishing violence free zones.