Gov’t-backed Pongsapat still leading candidate for Bangkok governorship


BANGKOK, Feb 14 – Pheu Thai Party candidate Pongsapat Pongcharoen remained  favourite among prospective Bangkok voters in a third academic survey by one of Thailand’s leading universities.

The ABAC Poll at Assumption University survey, asked 3,631 eligible voters in its latest survey Feb 8-12 finding that 43.9 per cent of respondents said they would vote for the ex-deputy national police chief while former Bangkok governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra, running on the Democrat Party ticket, received a 37.6 per cent endorsement.

Independent candidate Pol Gen Seripisut Temiyaves received 10.4 per cent while 8.1 per cent of respondents named other non-partisan candidates such as Suharit Siamwalla and Kosit Suvinitjit.

More than 90 per cent of respondents agreed with having special steps on public buses and passages on pavements for disabled and elderly people while 2 per cent showed their disagreement.

Pol Gen Pongsapat has been the favoured candidate in all three surveys conducted by the ABAC Poll while Mr Sukhumbhand received a higher percentage in the third survey compared to the second.

The ABAC Poll said the average accuracy of the survey is within the range of plus-or-minus seven per cent.