Thailand, Cambodia support peaceful solutions to border conflicts


SA KAEO, Feb 14 – Representatives of the Thai-Cambodian Regional Border Committee agreed today to resolve any border conflicts in a peaceful manner despite ongoing legal wrangling between the two countries on the controversial Phra Viharn (Preah Vihear) border dispute.

In the 21st meeting of the Thai-Cambodian Regional Border Committee, Thailand’s First Region Army Commander Paiboon Kumchaya and Cambodia’s 5th Military Region Commander Bun Seng discussed joint measures to resolve border conflicts and cooperation in preparing the two countries for the ASEAN Economic Community in 2015.

Lt-Gen Paiboon quoted Gen Bun Seng as saying that, despite difficulties, Cambodia will hold on to the principle of transparency in resolving border conflicts in order to promote the relationship between the two neighbouring countries.

The two military leaders will sign an agreement tomorrow involving several issues: a review of the memorandum of understanding of 2000 concerning a joint territorial survey and demarcation of the Thai-Cambodian border, establishing a border contact point to enable official Thai-Cambodian collaboration, resolving illegal logging of Siam rosewood on Thai soil, smuggling of basic chemicals for narcotics formulation, smuggling of paddy rice, human trafficking and problems arising from the unclear borderline.

These issues will be raised in the higher level of Thai-Cambodian border committee in the future.