Governor issues health advisory for haze in Satun


SATUN, 7 October 2015 – The governor of Satun has advised the public to protect themselves from the dangers of the persisting haze issue, caused from the wildfire in neighbouring Indonesia. 

The air quality in Satun province has reached the moderate to unhealthy level, with particulate matter (PM10) value varying between 59-210 micrograms per cubic meter. This weather quality can be considered harmful to the health of the general public.

The governor of Satun Jen Rattanapichetchai has made the health advisory announcement to the people in the area, in wake of the persisting haze, calling vehicle users to exercise extra precautions and to always turn on headlamps while driving due to the poor visibility. The general public have been advised to cover their nose and face with sanitary masks or damp cloth while outside.

Persons with certain medical conditions such as asthma, lung disease, along with young children and elders are encouraged to stay indoors, shut all windows, and to seek immediate medical attention should any suspicious symptoms exhibit. The public should also refrain from collecting rainwater for consumption, and from burning grass or garbage which will intensify the pollution.

The current haze situation in Satun Province has begun to resolve due to rainfall Tuesday night, reducing airborne particles down to 80 micrograms per cubic meter, a moderate PM10 level.

However, the public are encouraged to monitor updates on weather conditions, due to the Indonesian wildfire intensification.