Government works on Quicker Flood Recovery strategy


BANGKOK – The government and various foreign entities have organized a workshop to assist Thailand achieve better rehabilitation after major floods.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, together with the Ministry of the Interior in collaboration with International agencies co-hosted the “Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) and Disaster Recovery Framework Workshop for Thailand” from May 22nd to 25th 2017. The event was organized to acknowledge PDNA methodology and to enhance the capacity of Thailand to follow the principles of “Building Back Better”.

Earlier this year, various provinces in the south were destroyed by severe flooding, which had serious repercussions. After several such occurrences, the Kingdom saw the need to find better ways to rehabilitate effectively.

Approximately 100 participants from Thailand’s Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and the United Nations Country Team for Thailand attended the workshop to study the PDNA methodology, share experiences, and seek solutions, as well as use the recent flood situation in the southern region as a case study.

The PDNA methodology is a universal guideline for conducting Post Disaster Needs Assessments and preparing Disaster Recovery Frameworks. Since 2015, Thailand adopted the conduct of PDNA as a part of the country’s recovery strategy.

The workshops succeeded in terms of strengthening partnerships among Thai agencies and UN agencies at all levels, and in recommending a long-term recovery development plan in Thailand.