Government unveils ’12 Thai Values” LINE stickers


BANGKOK, Dec 23 — The government has launched free-download Line stickers to promote Thailand’s core values.

Deputy Prime Minister Yongyuth Yuthavong, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Minister Pornchai Rujiprapa, and Science and Technology Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj jointly unveiled the Bt7.1 million project for users of the chat application today.

The project is part of the policy of Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha to build a good society through these 12 values.

They are upholding the country’s three key pillars – the nation, the religion and the monarchy; honesty, sacrifice and endurance; gratitude to parents, guardians and teachers; eagerness to acquire knowledge directly and indirectly; treasuring the precious Thai tradition; maintaining morality, integrity, well-wishing for others; understanding, learning the true essence of democratic ideals with His Majesty the King as the Head of State; maintaining discipline, respectful of laws and the elderly and seniority; being conscious and mindful of action in line with His Majesty’s the King’s statements; practicing the philosophy of Sufficiency Economy of His Majesty the King; saving money for time of need; being moderate with surplus used for sharing or expansion of business while having good immunity; maintaining both physical and mental health and unyielding to the dark force or desires, having sense of shame over guilt and sins in accordance with the religious principles; putting the public and national interest before personal interest.

The new 12 stickers, one for each value, will be available for free download for 30 days from December 30.

At the press conference, Mr Yongyuth said the 12 values compiled by the prime minister are for the public to follow. They are easy to memorize and to be used in everyday life, he said.

Mr Yongyuth said the project is a joint cooperation among the ICT Ministry, Science and Technology Ministry, and Culture Ministry. The stickers are designed by an artist named “GPEN.”

The deputy prime minister said the government expects around 3-3.5 million downloads of the stickers.

Meanwhile, Mr Pornchai said the cost of the project is not too high and he is confident that the money spent on the project will worth every baht.

He said Japan-based Line Cooperation agrees to cut the cost of the project from Bt7.8 million as a New Year gift for Thai people following rounds of negotiations.