Government to support private sector in producing electric buses


BANGKOK, 12 May 2015,  The government has shown support for the private sector to produce electric buses.

Director of the National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTSA) Taweesak Koranantakul revealed the decision came after the recent meeting of National Innovation Board.

He said the administration is set to unveil a prototype electric car within the year and would hold a production contest for electric buses. The contest winner would have its model mass-produced to 500 units for Bangkok use within the next few years.

The Ministry of Finance is currently tasked with drafting a purchasing plan for electric buses for the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA). The ministry said that if such vehicles are in demand, then the BMTA should purchase them from a Thai manufacturer.

Other plans include the establishment of charging stations and setting aside a budget for research and development into electric vehicles.