Government promotes digital technology to create online businesses


The government is on course to promote digital technology to help introduce more online businesses throughout the country.

In its effort to offer equal opportunity and equality in education, the government has helped support the installation of an internet system at all state-controlled schools, maintain a distance learning program via satellite and has set up digital community centers in various parts of the country.

According to the government, over 43,000 schools in Thailand are now equipped with the internet to help students access information in their studies, while internet service points have also been installed at more than 7,400 sub-district non-formal education offices nationwide.

As for the digital community center initiative, the government has already offered three curricula, including the safe use of digital technology, the use of smartphones, and the commercial use of social networks. It’s believed that some 340,000 people have taken part in at least one of these programs.

In 2017, the Education Ministry, the Agricultural Ministry and the Commerce Ministry are collaborating to help farmers, cooperatives, community enterprises, SME operators and new startups learn more about digital technology for e-commerce, the aim being to see one million new online businesses created before the end of this year.