Government officials supporting PDRC rallies threatened with criminal and disciplinary charges


BANGKOK, 17 Jan 2014 Deputy Prime Minister, Police General Pracha Promnok reminded officials and state employees joining or providing any form of assistance to the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) that their actions are violating the law and can bring them both criminal and disciplinary charges. 

He pointed out that the PDRC’s core members including Suthep Thuagsuban have been charged with rebellion, pointing out that officials participating in the mass rally could be given the same charge. He also said that the case against Mr. Suthep and 58 other core members of the PDRC are being upgraded as a special case to be handled by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI).

Police General Pracha reminded that the charge has a prosecution term of 20 years and the suspects can be brought in anytime within that time frame.

The Deputy Prime Minister also revealed a disturbing fact that there are a number of civil servants and state enterprise employees participating in the PDRC’s mass rally. The officials had joined in various activities ranging from outright marching alongside other protesters, providing financial assistance, and delivering a speech on a stage, the Deputy Prime Minister said.

He reiterated that their movement is not only illegal but also violating the civil servants’ disciplinary codes and asked the officials involved to immediately refrain from the actions.