Government clarifying Thai human trafficking situation to international community


BANGKOK, Jan 8 —  Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister/Defence Minister Prawit Wongsuwon said that his government should be able to convince the international community of its efforts against human trafficking because it had done well on the issue and did straightforward reports on its attempts.

“In January there is a report on what have been done including responses to their concerns. We answer all questions as we are not protecting anyone. The government is addressing all issues,” Gen Prawit said.

He admitted that some government officials were involved in human trafficking and said that there were normally the good and the bad everywhere.

Thai police in Provincial Police Region 5 and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents arrested Ayo Ajor, 23, for allegedly procuring at least 100 teenage boys aged 18 and under for foreigners at guesthouses in Chiang Mai province in the past three years.

The suspect was quoted as saying that he had lured boys from local public parks and game shops.