Good citizen uses his car to apprehend thief


A good Samaritan detained a thief in front of Prima Place on Pattaya 3rd Road on the 28th of March.

The police rushed to the scene to find 30 year old Pichet Chonsri who was being held down by a number of locals, he had sustained some injuries, so first aid was performed before he was transferred o the hospital.

Nearby was his wrecked motorbike and a 25 year old woman whose gold necklace he had tried to snatch.

She stated that while she was riding her bike to Soi Bonkai the snatcher had driven alongside her and snatched her 50 satang gold necklace.

However Mr. Manop witnessed this and using his car drove the thief off the road causing him to crash as bystanders held himm down and called for the police.

Once Pichet recovers from his wounds he will be charged with theft.