Gold marriage certificates given on Valentine’s Day


BANGKOK – Couples flocked to register their marriages on Valentine’s Day at Bangrak district, where golden marriage certificates are given away in luck draws every hour.

Named Bang Rak or literally the district of love, Bang Rak is popular among couples to register their marriages every year.

The spacious CAT Telecom Building on Charoen Krung road welcomed couples for the marriage registration service, starting from 8 am. to 4 pm. today.

Held under the Thai-style theme “Rattanakosin, the Land of Love”, a traditional procession of the groom was among the activities to spice up the mood of love and the atmosphere of the wedding day.

Special gifts, given away to lucky couples in hourly lucky draws are 10 golden marriage certificates, one diamond ring, a pair of diamond earrings, two prizes of overseas air tickets and three prizes of domestic air tickets.

Winners of the first gold certificate, worth about 10,000 baht were Suwimon Prommak and Satasak Nopchai-a-nun. They filed online application for marriage registration in advance and arrived outside the office at 6.30 am. today. They chose to register their marriage at the Bang Rak district, believing the auspicious name of the district would ensure their long-lasting love.

Nearly 3,000 couples registered their marriages in Bangkok’s 50 districts on Valentine’s Day last year.  Bang Rak recorded the most marriage registration of 663 couples.