GLO Labor Union proposes lottery ticket sales at 100 baht apiece


BANGKOK, 5 May 2015,  -The Chairman of the Government Lottery Office (GLO) Labor Union, Amnuayporn Kerdpoom has proposed a lottery ticket price increase from 80 baht apiece to 100 baht.

Mr. Amnuayporn claimed that the request was reasonable, as the ticket price has remained at 80 baht apiece for over 30 years. He suggested that the GLO add the income from the hike to the existing prizes or to pay distributors.

The GLO Labor Union Chairman said that since the tickets are being sold at 120-130 baht apiece anyway, the general public should accept the suggested new price with ease.

Mr. Amnuayporn also mentioned the weekly wholesale lottery market at Wang Saphung district in Loei Province, saying that the atmosphere there is less than lively. He explained that vendors complain that it is impossible to sell tickets at 80 baht apiece when the cost to them was already 85 baht.

He concluded that the implementation of Section 44 of the interim constitution to enforce the regulation does not address the problem at its root.

In reply, the new GLO board said it would take the matter to this week’s meeting and would announce its decision on ticket prices next week.