Ghanaian arrested with 1.5 kg of ‘ice’ at airport


BANGKOK, Feb 13 – A Ghanaian man on Monday was detained for smuggling 1.55 kg of crystal methamphetamine, also known as ‘ice,’ at Thailand’s main international airport, according to customs officers.

Yeboah Kwame, a 36 year-old Ghanaian, was captured Monday morning on arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport with 1.55 kg of ice in his stomach and intestines, Rakop Srisupa-at, Director of Customs Department’s Investigation and Suppression Bureau, told a news briefing.

The detainee flew Ethiopian Airlines from the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, to Bangkok. On  arrival, he behaved suspiciously and tried to evade customs officials.

The customs officers asked to conduct a body check and an X-ray scan inspection when objects, later identified as 70 packages of crystal meth, were detected in his stomach and digestive track.

The suspect said he swallowed the packages before heading to Thailand, intending to deliver them to an Ethiopian drug dealer at a hotel in downtown Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area.

Initially, the suspected drug smuggler was transferred to the Narcotics Suppression Bureau police for further investigation.