‘Friendly fire’ killed army soldier in 2010 Bangkok protest


BANGKOK, April 30 – Thailand’s Criminal Court ruled today that a soldier who died during the anti-government red shirt protest in 2010 was hit and died as a result of so-called ‘friendly fire,’ a military bullet coming from another soldier.

Pvt Narongrit Sala was fatally shot by a high-speed bullet which passed through his upper left eyebrow to the skull, said the judge. The bullet was fired from a military weapon.

The private, attached to the 2nd Infantry Battalion in Kanchanaburi province, died on Vibhavadi-Rangsit Road near the Don Mueang National Memorial on April 28, 2010.

The Attorney General asked the court to verify the identity of the victim, and the location, time and reason of his death.

Pvt Narongrit’s relatives did not appear at the court hearing, nor did the plaintiff and related military officials.

The incident took place during the six weeks of protest by Red Shirt activists against the government which ended in the deaths of nearly 100 people.