Free healthcare for civil servants in private hospitals starts May 1


BANGKOK, 1 May 2011 – The Comptroller General’s Department (CGD) has signed an MOU with 32 private hospitals to provide healthcare to civil servants. At the first stage, free healthcare is provided to patients for 77 diseases agreed under the terms.

Starting 1 May, 32 private hospitals are providing healthcare to civil servants. Phyathai 2 Hospital, for example, is providing healthcare services to patients for 32 diseases including heart surgery and bone surgery.

The Department considered that the agreement would not cost any extra burden on the government budget. 62 billion baht is expected to be spent on civil servant healthcare for the 2011 fiscal policy year. The CGD expected that the disbursement will increase by 10 percent in 2012; it will control the figure to stay that way.

Government officials normally could only receive free healthcare at public hospitals. The CGD thought that the move could help ease the problem of overcrowded public hospitals.