Four Thai Wuhan evacuees under investigation


CHONBURI  138 Thai nationals returned to Thailand last night on an evacuation flight from Wuhan, China. Four of them have shown suspicious symptoms after arrival and are now hospitalized at Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital. There, initial tests have returned negative, however further lab results are pending. The remaining 134 persons are now in quarantine at Sattahip naval base in Chonburi.

Speaking at a press conference, Deputy Minister of Public Health Satit Pitutecha today revealed the condition of all 138 Thai evacuees from Wuhan, China, who have arrived back last night at U-Tapao airport.

He said all evacuees were subjected to health screenings, in which two men and two women were found to have a fever. They are now being isolated at Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital, where they have received physical examinations, and x-rays. Specimens have been collected for laboratory tests to confirm the infection. Three of the patients presented with flu-like symptoms and coughs, while one of them had diarrhea.

However, by this morning, both male patient no longer had a fever. One male patient still has coughs and throat irritation. The third, female patient still has a minor cough with no fever. Chest x-A ray images of these three patients show minor abnormalities, and they have been referred for further consultations. The last patient who had diarrhea, no longer has the problem, and has no fever. Her chest x-ray also shows no abnormality.

Specimens from all four patients have been sent to the 6th Medical Sciences Center in Chonburi for laboratory tests to confirm whether they are infected with 2019 coronavirus.

The remaining 134 evacuees are now staying at residences inside Sattahip naval base in Chonburi under close monitoring 24 hours a day from officials. They are receiving continual checks including the collection of specimens for laboratory tests. Health authorities have designated Queen Sirikit Naval Hospital, Ban Chang Hospital, Sattahip Hospital, and Chonburi Hospital to handle possible further suspected cases.

The pilots, cabin crew, embassy officials, and medical team onboard the evacuation flight yesterday have been cleared for their normal duties, as their risk of infection is low. They were all wearing personal protective equipment and complied with infection prevention guidelines throughout the operation.