Foreign ambassadors invited to listen to Thailand´s water management scheme


BANGKOK, 6 July 2012 -The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Science and Technology have invited foreign ambassadors in Thailand to listen to Thailand’s water management plan and to share their thoughts.

Foreign Minister Mr. Surapong Torvichakchaikul said that the documents on water management, which have been prepared by the Ministry of Science and Technology and translated into English, will also be provided to all the foreign ambassadors.

Science and Technology Minister Mr. Prodprasob Surasawadi will be giving the presentation to the ambassadors. The purpose of this event is to raise confidence in the couintry’s flood prevention plan and to seek a foreign company interested in working with the Thai government in keeping the flood at bay.

The Foreign Minister added later that after they have been briefed on the water management scheme, the ambassadors will share their opinions and thoughts on the project.