Public Health Ministry orders 4 mil Tamiflu in case of bird flu outbreak


BANGKOK, 6 July 2012 -The Ministry of Public Health has reaffirmed that no outbreak of avian flu has been detected in Thailand, but to play it safe the ministry has ordered millions of doses of antiviral drugs of Tamiflu in case of emergency.

According to Department of Disease Control Director-General Dr. Pornthep Sririwanarangsan, the stocking up on Tamiflu is necessary because not only has the avian flu outbreak been reported in China, but also in Mexico.

Dr. Pornthep said even though Thailand has been free of such flu since 2007, the Ministry of Public Health is taking no chances. It has instructed public health volunteers across the country to monitor the poultry situation and notify authorities if the animals’ deaths are suspected to have been caused by H1N1.

He claimed that no dead poultry in Thailand have been found infected by the avian flu so far. He assured the public that since Thailand is an exporter of poultry, it is unlikely for the avian flu to enter the country.

However, 4 million Tamiflu tablets will be obtained to make sure people receive the medication immediately should they develop the H1N1 symptoms. Moreover, the quarantine zones along the Thai border have also been told to be extra cautious about all the birds imported into the country.