Food-deprived wild elephants trash mango plantation in Buriram


BURIRAM, 5 May 2015 – A mango plantation in Buriram province has been ravaged by wild elephants that have wandered away from the local forest reserve foraging for food during the dry season.

According to the owner of the mango plantation in Non Din Daeng district, Buriram, wild elephants came into his plantation three nights in a row foraging for food. In the process, the elephants tore down about 30 mango trees. The owner said he had the same problem in 2014 when wild elephants damaged some 100 mango trees in all.

Local authorities said the wild elephants had left the forest because of the reduced amount of food in their usual feeding grounds, as this was the dry season. Forest rangers are now patrolling the perimeters of the local forest reserve to keep the elephants inside the forest. The Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation will be notified of the damage to the mango plantation in order for assistance to be given out.