Floods enlarge across Central Plains


BANGKOK, 30 September 2013  – Flooding in many provinces along the Chao Phraya River is expanding due to heavy rains and water from various dams. The Chao Phraya Dam is receiving more water from Nakhon Sawan province but it is still sending out water at the same rate.

In Phitsanulok province, the Nan River which runs through the city area has increased by two meters but it has not yet overflowed. The latest water level is 5.10 meters. Phichit province has to take water from Phitsanulok and the Phetchabun mountain range. Flash floods have cut off many roads connecting villages.

The Chao Phraya Dam, one of the country’s major dams, has been discharging water at the rate of 2,195 cubic meters a second for four consecutive days. If there is more water, the dam will send water down the Tha Chin River instead of into the central region’s wetland.

In Ayutthaya, more areas have been submerged after water from the Pa Sak Dam and the Chao Phraya Dam flowed to the province. The provincial disaster prevention and mitigation office is urgently implementing preventive measures at industrial estates, historical sites, temples and schools along the river against floods.