Finance Min: 500-baht subsidy does not expire


Bangkok – The Ministry of Finance has addressed the 500-baht cash handout to end public confusion, saying that the one-time subsidy does not expire.

Director of the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO) Lawaron Sangsanit, in his capacity as the Ministry of Finance’s spokesperson, said the year-end allowance of 500 baht paid to 11.4 million holders of state welfare cards doesn’t have an expiration date, putting an end to a general belief that the one-off financial boost could be accessed between December 8th and 10th only.

He said the 500-baht subsidy has been wired to all eligible cardholders’ accounts from which the money can be withdrawn at any time. This is different from the 200 and 300-baht monthly stipends that expire at the end of every month.

He also implored the general public not to fall victim to false or distorted online reports, and only acquire information from reliable sources such as state agencies.

The 500-baht subsidy was given to the poor and low-income earners enrolled in the social welfare card program to help them cope with end-of-year expenses.