FDA organizes workshop on reused oil and false ads


Bangkok, 6 June 2013 The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), together with the People’s Power Network, has recently organized a workshop to publicize the danger of consuming fried food provided by vendors reusing cooking oil.

The workshop stemmed from concerns over street vendors who often ignore consumers’ health safety and keep reusing cooking oil in deep fried menu. The FDA stated that the practice could cause deadly diseases such as cancer, Ischaemic heart disease and hypertension, and urged consumers to refrain from eating deep dried food from cooking oil that produces black smoke. It also encouraged street vendors to reduce the number of times of reusing cooking oil.

The workshop also addressed the issue of false advertising in the business of health products, urging consumers to wisely consume media. The FDA said it would educate the public about health products in a bid to prevent them from becoming victims to false advertising.