Experts urge calm after meteorite fell in Phitsanulok


BANGKOK – The National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (NARIT) has indicated that the recent falling of a meteorite in Phitsanulok province was nothing out of the ordinary while officials are thoroughly examining the object.


Following the discovery of a small, mysterious object that fell from the sky into a home in Phitsanulok on June 27, officials from NARIT and the National Metal and Materials Technology Center have already collected the object for inspection. Local residents in many areas of the province claimed they heard a loud blast, accompanied with a tremor, on the day.


Initially, Deputy Director of NARIT Sarun Posayachinda has confirmed that the object is a meteorite, weighing 120 grams. It is mainly composed of iron, nickel and sulfur and does not contain any dangerous chemicals. Detailed examinations are being conducted in order to pinpoint the exact origin of the rock.

Mr Sarun called on public members not to be alarmed by the incident as it is a common, explainable occurrence. He pointed out that countless meteorites have fallen on the Earth’s surface, with many seen in the form of shooting stars.