Mahidol labor institute suggests more development of laborers


BANGKOK – Transnational labor analysts have recommended the government expedite the development of Thailand laborers and align the nation’s education standards with its development plans.

Mahidol University’s Institute for Population and Social Research has held its 12th National Population and Social Research Symposium with its experts pointing out that Thailand has up to 4 million foreign laborers, requiring readiness both socially and economically to accommodate.


Institute academic Sakkarin Niyomsilp stated foreign laborers in Thailand will only grow in the future, especially in the service and IT industries as Thailand is unable to produce enough workers to satisfy the demand of the two sectors.

Conversely, a relatively low amount of Thai laborers travel abroad at only about 100,000 per year due to the nation’s high domestic demand for workers. The institute suggested the government support the development of laborers both Thai and foreign so that they can satisfy demand for higher skill jobs. They also called for education in the Kingdom to be adjusted to better respond to the needs of its industries.