EXAT to install steel barrier on expressways to prepare for future accidents


BANGKOK, 17 August 2012  – The operator of Thailand’s expressway system is stepping up its effort to prevent serious accidents that may happen in the future. 

Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) Governor Aiyanat Tinapai said on Thursday that EXAT has planned to install steel barriers at 13 risk spots along the expressway routes to minimize the impact of future crashes.

Mr. Aiyanat said that the installation cost at each spot is estimated at 600,000 baht, or more than 7 million baht in total.

He stated that the actual installation will commence at the end of August and the project is expected to complete by the end of this year.

The EXAT Governor went on to say that more barriers will be installed in 2013 at other spots where serious crashes could happen.

He is confident that the initiative will help ease the seriousness of future accidents to a certain level.

Mr. Aiyanat added that EXAT has already installed other safety measures, such as signs and warning lights in order to help save motorists from deadly accidents.