Ex-convict arrested for killing and burning a nurse in Chiang Mai


An ex-prisoner was arrested yesterday by Chiang Mai police for alleged assaulting and burning a nurse to death.


The suspect, identified as Nirun Kaewteja, 43, was freed recently from prison after serving more than 10 years of rape and murder.

Chiang Mai police said the arrest came after witnesses told them Nirun was near the scene of the murder after the charred remains of the nurse, Ms Janjira Kerdlarw, 50, was found.

A witness said he was chased away when he came close to an abandoned car near the scene on Monday.

He was most suspected by the police to be the murderer after the scene inspection by forensic police.

Her husband earlier told police his wife went missing since last Friday after driving to work at a hospital.

Investigation later strongly indicated Nirun was the suspected murderer.

Nirun later confessed to killing the nurse for money.

He said he struck the victim on the neck and burned her body to cover up the crime.

But police suspected more persons might be involved as he was found to be acquainted with her.

She used to ask the ex-prisoner to spy on her family.

Police added they needed to question other close relative.