EU leaders express concerns over Thailand’s political situation


BANGKOK, 31 Jan 2014,  The European Union is highly concerned about the current political impasse in Thailand, which has turned more and more violent each passing day, according to an official statement from the union. 

The announcement was made by Catherine Ashton, the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and Vice President of the European-Commission, who has urged all sides to resort to talks in finding a peaceful solution while upholding the nation’s constitution and confined within the rule of laws.

According to her, the European Union has no intentions of the intervening in Thailand domestic affairs; however, she wishes to remind that all Thai citizen have the rights to vote, and that they should be allowed to exercise that right just as much as those exercising their constitutional rights to protests.

She said that Thailand needed to find measures to prevent the situation from escalating even further out of control, imploring all sides to exercise restraints for the sake of the country. She also suggested a talk be held between the government and the People’s Democratic Reform Committee in order to find an exit strategy that lies within the democratic principle and boundary of the constitution.