Employer willing to pay compensation for car owners damaged by rampaging truck driver


An insurance company and the employer of a truck driver who went on rampage, damaging 42 cars and motorcycles while trying to escape from the police have jointly agreed to pay compensation to the vehicle owners.


Mr Supee Bootprom, transport chief officer of Chaipivat Company, the employer of the truck driver, Aekapote Yossiri, said Friday that he estimated the total costs of the damage to the vehicles at not more than two million baht.

He said the company had insurance coverage estimated at 600,000 baht from Sin Mun Khong insurance company. However, he added that the company was willing to pay the rest of the damage so that there should not be lawsuits against the company.

As for the driver, he admitted he didn’t check his backgrounds with the police before hiring him about four months ago. However, he said he would have to let the driver to face legal consequences.

Aekapote was on Friday brought before Bangkok South Criminal Court for the extension of his detention pending police questioning. He was slapped with seven charges including possessing narcotic drugs, driving under the influence of drugs, defying traffic law, running away from police arrest and did not stop to help the victims.