Education Ministry championed educational reform and morality during past 6-months


BANGKOK, 23 April 2015 – Minister of Education Narong Pipatanasai has announced that the ministry’s work over the past six-months, mainly focused on enhancing critical and systematic thinking skills among Thai students, along with the promotion of morality and national loyalty.

He disclosed that the educational development plan is divided into six areas. The first area focuses on the quality of education and learning processes. For example, it is attempting to lower the illiteracy rate in Thailand, with a goal of bringing learning opportunities to any illiterate members of the population during the course of 2015.

The second area was to reduce the gap in access to education by promoting distance-learning education via satellite nationwide, followed by the enhancement of teacher and educational staff efficiency. The ministry also aims to meet the need for teachers in demanding areas of expertise.

The fourth area involves improving the general education of the nation’s manpower, with bilateral education cooperation in line with the national development plan. In parallel, a bi-scheme curriculum was launched so that students could study both general and vocational education in one course.

Reform of the entire educational system was also one of the top priorities. The ministry has put great effort into coordinating the National Legislative Assembly and the Government to ensure that reform was moving on the same track.

Thai students were also better equipped with skills needed for pre and post-ASEAN Integration. Apart from that, the ministry introduced anti-corruption measures to ensure the work related transparency of all officials’ activities.