EC to discuss holding a new election


BANGKOK,2 April 2014 – Mr. Supachai Somcharoen, Election Commission Chairman, has announced that the EC has invited 73 political parties to discuss arranging a new general election, which is likely to be held on April 22, 2014. Since the Constitutional Court must publish a decision in the Government Gazette, a 45-60 day time frame for a new election seems to be impossible.

The commanders of the armed forces are invited to evaluate the current situation before the selection of a new election date. The discussions will be held on April 8, and include the Royal Thai Army, Navy, and Air Force, with the Commissioner General of the Royal Thai Police, the Royal Thai Armed Forces Headquarters personnel, and National Security Agencies.

Mr. Supachai said he didn’t feel pressured by people making accusations against the EC and the Constitutional Court over the staging of a new general election and insisted that the EC has been working through the problems in an impartial manner. However, it has proved impossible to satisfy all sides.